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Ineffective Individual Coping
The Second Edition

A twisted musical review of the "sicker" side of health care. Tired of bedpans, paperwork, and under staffing? Stressed out and overworked? Let Too Live Nurse help you laugh at it all!

Hailed as a demented hit of 1997, "Doin' the Incontinence Rag"made Dr. Demento's "top funny five" and was featured on his "Basement Tapes #5.

This album features two new hilarious songs, "Scabies" and "Girl with Emphysem"! In 1998, "Girl with Emphysema" also made Dr. Demento's "top funny five" !!









Song Titles:

1) Ventilate Me
2) Girl with Emphysema
3) Fractured Nursing Procedure #35 (Foley Catheter Insertion: Male)
4) The Bed Pan Blues
5) Pushin' the Papers
6) Doin' the Incontinence Rag
7) Sarie Gamp's Enema Camp
8) Scabies

Ineffective Individual Coping - The Second Edition: CD......$15.95 [Order]

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