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MUSE-MED, Inc. is the parent company to TOO LIVE NURSE, and Zuul Studios. Founded by Robert Diskin, RN and Rick Glasener, RN, MUSE-MED, Inc. has been in existance since 1993. Now owned and operated by Amy and Ted Fiebke, MUSE-MED, Inc. continues to grow and provide a variety of services and products.


During the past few years, Muse-Med, Inc (aka Zuul Studios) has been working with Fairview Hospital, of Great Barrington, MA, in producing educational videos for its employees and other local healthcare organizations. These videos were created specifically for Fairview Hospital and other designated organizations, and are not for sale. Below you will find a sample of the educational videos that have been produced. Please view free to view them at your leisure. These are MOV video files and will require Apple's Quicktime to view them.

Education Videos for Fairview Hospital Employees and other Healthcare Organizations
Diet Update for Nurses Educationing Patients

If you would like Muse-Med, Inc to assist with your audio/visual needs, please feel free to contact us.


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